Small Grants & Loan Scheme and Coach Education Finance Assistance

The Small Grants & Loan Scheme provides funding to venues, coaches and schools to assist with projects which require some financial support. The intention of both schemes is to help with shortfall funding particularly once other avenues of finance have been exhausted. Grants awarded will need to be matched on a pound for pound basis.

The Small Grant Scheme

The Small Grants Scheme provides funding between £500 and £5000 for small projects.

  • Small Grants Scheme Criteria [PDF]
  • Small Grant Application Form [PDF] [DOCX]

The Loan Scheme

Will provide a loan facility of up to £10,000, to support facilities and programme projects which are shown to be consistent with the LTA Key Measures of Success.

  • Loan Scheme Criteria [PDF
  • Loan Application Form [PDF] [DOCX]

Dorset Coach Education Finance Assistance

Dorset LTA is keen to support volunteers, coaches and future coaches who are committed to supporting British Tennis.  In seeking funding assistance, we also encourage you to gain the support of your club/school/local authority as well as look to apply for additional partnership funding.

  • Coach Education Finance Assistance criteria and Application Form [PDF]

Please send applications to:

Dorset LTA, c/o West Hants Club
Roslin Road South, Bournemouth, Dorset BH3 7EF.

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