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South West Tournament Schedule 2018/2019


County Leagues

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Team Tennis Dorset

Draws for Team Tennis Dorset 2018 here

More information (rules, scorecards etc) can be found on the LTA website here

Seniors Inter-County Leagues 2018

The National Inter-County Championships is a divisional competition which starts in April and culminates with the winners of the top 2 divisions contesting the Finals in November.  Phil Tovey is County Captain for the mens’ teams and Jenny Watts for the ladies.  If you are interested in playing for a county team, please don’t hesitate to contact the County Office.

More information on Seniors Tennis can be found on the LTA website :

2018 Fixtures

Ladies 40’s.  Division 3A.  Captain : Cleo Reid

Date Fixture Home/Away   Result
21.04.18 Norfolk Home Won 8-2
16.06.18 Shropshire Home Won 10-0
24.06.18 Cornwall Away Won 2-8
07.07.18 Essex Away Lost 6-4
 16.09.18 Wiltshire Home Won 8-2

 Ladies 50’s.  Division 3A.  Captain : Annie Mitchener

Date Fixture Home/Away   Result
06.05.18 Cheshire Away  Lost 8-0
24.06.18 Somerset Away Lost 8-0
28.07.18 Berkshire Home Won 4-4
02.09.18 Oxfordshire Away Lost 8-0
 15.09.18 Shropshire Home Won 6-2

Men’s 55’s.  Division 1A.  Captain : Simon England

Date Fixture Home/Away   Result
24.06.18 Lancashire Away Lost 6-4
05.08.18 Warwickshire Home Won 8-2
11.08.18 Kent Home Won 6-4
08.09.18 Middlesex Home Lost 4-6
09.09.18 Devon Away Won 4-6

Ladies 60’s.  Division 1B.  Captain : Nina Crane

Date Fixture Home/Away   Result
22.04.18 Norfolk Away  Lost 10-0
23.05.18 South Wales Home  Won 8-2
07.06.18  Hants & Isle of Wight  Home Lost 0-10
19.06.18 Surrey Away Lost 10-0
11.08.18 Nottingham Home Won 6-4

Men’s 60’s.  Division 1A.  Captain : Phil Tovey

Date Fixture Home/Away    Result
19.05.18 Surrey Home Lost 0-10
09.06.18 Middlesex Away  Lost 0-10
17.06.18 South Wales Away Won 0-10
23.06.18 Buckinghamshire Home Lost 2-8
05.08.18 Kent Home Lost 2-8

Ladies 65’s.  Division 1A.  Captain : Jenny Watts

Date Fixture Home/Away   Result
30.04.18  Yorkshire Away  Lost 4-4
09.06.18 Devon Away  Lost 6-2
06.07.18 Kent Home Lost 4-4
17.07.18 Surrey Away Lost 6-2
24.07.18 Middlesex Home Lost 0-8

Men’s 65’s.  Division 1A.  Captain : Boyd Brackstone

Date Fixture Home/Away   Result
16.05.18 Leicestershire Away Won 6-4
23.05.18 Sussex Away Won 4-6
08.07.18 S Wales Away S Wales withdrew
19.08.18 Kent Home Won 8-2
25.08.18 Oxfordshire Home Won 10-0

Ladies 70’s.  Division 2A.  Captain : Margaret Willitts

Date Fixture Home/Away   Result
01.05.18 Winchester Away  Lost 6-2
10.05.18 Oxfordshire Home  Won 8-0
22.05.18 Avon Home Won 4-4
07.06.18 Somerset Away Won 0-8
26.06.18 Devon Home Won 6-2

Men’s 70’s.  Division 2A.  Captain : Roy Williams

Date Fixture Home/Away   Result
24.04.18 Isle of Man Home  Won 8-0
15.05.18 Hereford & Worcs Away Won 2-6
07.06.18 Hertfordshire Away  Lost 6-2
26.06.18 Hants & IoW Home Lost 2-6
15.08.18 South Wales Away Lost 8-0


Competitions & Tournaments

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LTA Competitions

The LTA website has all the national competitions listed here.

New to competition? (Grade 4 and 5)

After you enter a tournament on-line, an acceptance list will be published after the closing date of the tournament.

  • For yellow ball competition, acceptance is based on rating and then ranking at the closing date.
  • Reserves are numbered in accordance with the acceptance process.

It is the players’ responsibility to check the website up until the withdrawal deadline date to see if their status changes, thereafter they should wait to receive an e-mail or phone call from the tournament referee who will inform them if they are required, this can be right up until the start of the tournament.

If you have any other questions on competitions in Dorset, please contact us in the County Office on 01202 519694 or alternatively the British Tennis Services Team on 0208 487 7000